Why Plumbers Recommend an Annual Boiler Service

gas-boiler-checkGas boilers are today integral components of most modern homes.  Unfortunately, this essential part is often neglected and subjected to lengthy periods without service. While some boiler models can last up to two years without servicing, most manufacturers recommend servicing your boiler every once in a year. To understand the importance of maintaining your boiler annually, it is important first to understand what this service entails. On average, plumbers and heating engineers take about 1 hour to service a boiler and will involve the dismantling of the boiler, cleansing of its internal components, re-assembling the boiler, testing and finally checking for defects in its functionality. There are many reasons why you need to service your gas boiler annually, and here are some of the main reasons.


Minimize the Risk of Damage

A gas boiler is a mechanical appliance whose efficiency depends on its internal components. Damage to any of these internal components can have disastrous results. Therefore, the number one reason servicing your boiler annually is recommended is to avert potential future problems. During the servicing, a qualified plumber or heating engineer from a list of recommended plumbers can detect and rectify defects. By correcting such defects, you are guaranteed a problem-free future. This is particularly important if you and your family rely heavily on the gas boiler.

If you need to find a builder in Harrogate North Yorkshire, the best thing to do is search online or ask a friend, colleague or family member for a reliable company. Even with this information, it’s always a good idea to get some references and ask for examples of the builder’s work.